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    Jan 8 - Feb 12Howe Memorial Library Breckenridge · Breckenridge
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    Jan 8 - Jan 9Howe Memorial Library Breckenridge · Breckenridge
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    Mon 12:30 PMHowe Memorial Library Breckenridge · Breckenridge
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    Kamryn Ann Carey
    · July 25, 2017
    The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to everyone of all ages!

    Happy New Year Library Community;
    Just wanted to touch base and thank everyone for all the help and support you have shown us this year. We always have a plan on how we can better serve our community and 2017 was no different. We might not have achieved all of our plans but in other areas we surpassed them.
    We have not collected all of our $300,000 for our backroom project, we have collected almost $98,000 and from our small community that says something in itself. But it d...oesn’t mean we are giving up, we plan on making it happen in 2018, somehow, some way we will make it happen. If one thing is true we persevere! I am blessed to have a great staff, Board of Directors and this community we serve.
    Our Fundraiser tea and princess party were great successes that we hope to have in the future again. We will start of 2018 with a Ladies afternoon of relaxation and fun (call the library for details). We will continue our Seed Library in hopes to reach 200 participates this year. Our summer reading program continues to be a success and every year we hope to top the one before. We will see. Makerspace or Steam/Stem as you know it will be off to a great start this year because of a grant from Gratiot County Community Foundation. If I keep telling you everything no one will come to our “What’s new at the Library” program on Jan. 22nd. So my lips are now sealed.
    Thank all of YOU, who have donated to the Backroom Project (if you don’t know about it stop in I would be happy to share with you). To all who have remembered loved ones with memorials, to our anonymous donator of $22,000, Gerstackers Foundation for the $15,000 grant, to all donated in our glass library, to all the community members and businesses that donated in our mail campaign, and to all who are still planning on sending in those envelopes. We do have a GoFundMe page set up if you rather use a credit card (I told you I wouldn’t give up). THANK YOU!
    Thank you for making our library what it has become, a place to share information and ideas, or just to make new friends in one of our ongoing programs.
    Thank you for the support of this community from donations for summer reading or one of our fundraisers; we couldn’t achieve what we do without YOU. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    2018 bring it on and let’s see what we can achieve this year.

    Library Director

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    Ms SANDY,!

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    Howe Memorial Library Breckenridge I'd give you that title Jackie, not sure if I would qualify
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