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Howe Memorial Library

Where Our Money Comes From

The monies needed to keep the library in operation have come from a Gratiot County Mileage, State Aid, Penal Fines, Memorials and donations.

Stack of booksHowe Memorial Library is funded entirely by a Gratiot County mileage, State aid, penal fines, memorials, donations, fines, and miscellaneous income.  

  • State aid for schools and libraries is determined by our legislators on a per capita basis.  The amount received has been decreasing steadily over the past few years. 
  • Penal fines come from the townships we serve (Wheeler, Jasper, Emerson, Bethany, Lafayette and Porter) as the result of traffic fines.  Revenue from penal fines has also decreased significantly, most likely because of the increased speed limit on US 27 and the relocation of the Michigan State Police Post from Ithaca to Lakeview.
  • Memorials are given to the library by family and friends of the deceased.  This money is used for books, unless directed differently by family.
  • Donations to the library are used for many things needed, from buying pens to books.

The above sources provide approximately $100,000 per year, which maintains and operates the Library.  To the extent possible, our revenue is supplemented by fund raising efforts by the Friends of the Library such as book sales, community dinners and rummage sales.

We still need your support, so that we can keep offering our programs at no charge. Every single day local residents turn to Howe Memorial Library as their only source of internet access, to apply for jobs, to continue their education or to learn more about their passions.  We need your support so Howe Memorial Library can remain a focal point as it supports our community.

 Thank you Gratiot County for supporting your Libraries!